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Delivery Calendar

Enter your Colorado or Wyoming zip code to see when we can deliver to your area

*Delivery dates outside of CO and WY are determined after the order is received. If you have questions regarding deliveries outside of CO and WY please contact otrdeliveries@afwonline.com


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Colorado Delivery Information

  • We deliver 7 days a week from our TWO Metro Denver area distribution centers. (Thornton & Compark)
  • In the Denver Metro area, an exact delivery time can be arranged for an extra $99.00.
  • We deliver approximately between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., or until the delivery trucks are empty, completing approximately 800 deliveries a day. Even with 110 trained drivers, 58 of the largest delivery trucks available and a computerized routing system, it takes your understanding that requesting a morning or afternoon delivery is not possible. However, we do give you a 2 1/2 delivery window that we will tell you when you call the evening before your delivery at 303-286-9331. (Outside metro Denver call 1-877-AFW-TRUCK or 1-877-239-8782)
  • To cancel an order scheduled for delivery, we must have 48 hours notice.
  • Our drivers will call enroute a couple of stops ahead of yours in order to verify that they are on time and to assure you are ready for them to complete the delivery of your new furniture.

Nationwide Delivery Information

How We Do It

American Furniture Warehouse currently delivers to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Southern California. Deliveries to other areas may be available on orders that exceed $10,000 or truckloads. Contact websales for a quote.

American Furniture Warehouse will contact you within 72 hours of the placement of your order. At that time, you will be given a 5 day window during which your order is estimated to be delivered by our Nationwide Deliveries Department. One week prior to the delivery of your order, you will be contacted to narrow your delivery window further to one (1) specific day of delivery. Our delivery team will begin to contact you one day before, as well as 2 hours before your delivery, to keep you informed of their estimated time of arrival.

American Furniture Warehouse fully inspects every item for damage or defect prior to delivery. After the inspection, each piece is then blanket wrapped, loaded on to our trailers and secured tightly to give the furniture the best protection possible during the transportation process. Once we arrive at your delivery destination, our polite and professional delivery team will bring your furniture in to your home, place it in the room of your choice, and completely set up your furniture. Our delivery teams strive to make sure that your delivery is correct the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to wait at home during my entire delivery window?

No. We will give you a call on the Friday prior to your delivery to narrow your delivery window to a specific one or two day window. Our delivery team will contact you one day before arriving to make your delivery and contact you again 2 hours before arrival.

2. I would like my delivery to be on a certain day. Can this be arranged?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate your request. We completely fill each truck with multiple orders that will deliver in sequence to our customers across many states, and each truck is routed to minimize the total cost of the trip. Our trucks travel thousands of miles, and many issues can be a factor during delivery, i.e. road construction, traffic , weather, truck maintenance, etc. We ask that you be available during the delivery window given by AFW. If you cannot be available at this time, please make arrangements for an alternative contact to meet the delivery team at the time of delivery.

3. What if I cannot be home for the delivery due to vacation/sudden emergency?

Many of our customers make arrangements for an alternative person to be available to accept delivery fi they are not able to be there personally. Once you confirm that you will be available during the scheduled time frame, your furniture is loaded in sequence with other deliveries. If your order has not been loaded, we can remove it from our delivery manifest due to an emergency situation. Once the order has been loaded and the delivery team is en route to you, we will not be able to postpone the delivery. Please note that there will be a re-delivery fee if the delivery cannot be completed once it is en route to you. If unforeseen circumstances occur, please call us at (720) 873-8751 as soon as possible.

4. My facility/building/complex has specific delivery guidelines and delivery times. Is this a problem?

Many times we can work around these hurdles and perform your delivery if we are aware of this information prior to delivery. Failure to let us know this information prior to delivering could result in missing your delivery and having to bring your shipment back to our distribution center to be delivered on a later truck. Please note, there is a re-delivery fee charged when the first delivery fails.

5. I live in facility/building/complex that does not allow tractor/trailers on the property.
How will the delivery be handled?

Let us know this in our initial call. Please communicate with your complex authorities prior to the delivery and verify this policy. If the delivery vehicle cannot enter the property due to restrictions or there is not enough room for the tractor/trailer to navigate safely, please have an alternative vehicle (i.e. pickup, U-haul truck, etc.) available at the time of the delivery. Our delivery team will transfer the goods to the alternative vehicle, and then unload the goods and deliver them inside the residence.

6. I live in an area/complex that cannot be reached by tractor/trailers.
How will the delivery be handled?

Again, let us know this in our initial call. Every delivery is scouted using satellite imagery to see if it can be reached. If the delivery vehicle cannot enter the property due to restrictions or there is not enough room for the tractor/trailer to navigate safely, please have an alternative vehicle (i.e. pickup, U-haul truck, etc.) available at the time of the delivery. Our delivery team will transfer the goods to the alternative vehicle, and then unload the goods and deliver them inside the residence.

7. Does the delivery of my furniture include setup or assembly?

During your delivery, we will place your furniture where you want it, and assemble your furniture at that time. We cannot assemble knocked down furniture, level furniture on carpets, or hook up electronics, i.e. entertainment systems, televisions, stereos, etc. We cannot remove your existing furniture or move it from the home for you. If, upon placing the furniture in your home, it is found that furniture will not fit into the intended room, we cannot be responsible for any damage to the home attempting to place the furniture.

8. I am moving into a new home. What if my residence is not ready when you deliver next?

We strive to deliver your furniture to you in the quickest and most economical way possible. If you are not able to have the furniture delivered to the new residence during the next delivery route servicing your area, please have an alternate delivery location we can deliver your goods to. If this is not possible, we will attempt to deliver your furniture on the following delivery route. Depending upon the region, this can be up to a 4 week delay, so delivering the first time is crucial.

9. I have placed my order, but some of the items are not yet in stock.
Can I receive my furniture in multiple deliveries?

You may have your order delivered in multiple parts, but each visit by our delivery teams will incur a separate delivery charge. It is much more cost-effective to have your delivery made all at once than to have multiple deliveries. Our Nationwide Delivery Department will not prepare your order for delivery until all items are in stock, unless arrangements have been made by you to receive multiple deliveries.

10. I have hardwood floors in the room that the new furniture will be placed.
What can I do to protect my floors from damage?

Hardwood floors can be susceptible to dents, scratches and gouges. Felt furniture pads can save your floor from damage and keep it in great condition. These can be found at local hardware stores and major retailers. Simply place the pad on the bottom of the legs on your furniture, or give them to our friendly delivery team and they will place them on your furniture at the time of delivery.

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