Furnish Your Commercial Space Most people know that American Furniture Warehouse is the best place to go to furnish and decorate their home. With the largest selection of furniture and accessories in Colorado - all at the lowest prices anywhere, AFW has proven itself year after year as the overwhelming leader in Colorado home furnishings.

However, did you know that with the amount of inventory that we cycle through annually, we have the ability to easily furnish large scale and commercial properties as well?

If you are looking to furnish a large scale property, such as hotels, condos, or commercial properties here in Colorado or other closely surrounding states, please contact one of our service representatives. We have employees that can help with the design and furnishing of any scale property. You will not be able to find another company that has the ability and service available to accomplish the perfect setting for prices more reasonable than American Furniture Warehouse.

Contact us today at contractquotes@afwonline.com for a quote and/or assistance in selecting and purchasing the furniture and accessories that will create the perfect atmosphere for your employees and guests!

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