Our Room Planner is fun and easy to use! It requires the Adobe Flash plug-in and cookies must be enabled within your browser for it to work properly. For best results please use on a desktop computer. May not work on most mobile devices. If you can't see the 'Start Planning' button, please get the latest free plug-in from Adobe by clicking on the 'Get Flash Player' button below.

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Welcome to the Icovia RoomPlanner! It's an easy-to-use tool designed to help you select the right furniture for your room. Simply enter the dimensions of your room and you're ready to go! Some of the features of the room planner are:

  • Select one of the pre-designed rooms or create your own room
  • Save your rooms for later
  • Print your room plans
  • Email your room plans to family & friends

To select a piece of furniture already in your room (to change it or move it), click on it and keep your mouse over its icon. To move it, hold the mouse button down and drag the piece to where you want. Release the mouse button.

To change the size of a generic piece of furniture, click on the object, then click it's blue information button. (Note: The dimensions of AFW furniture can not be modified.)

To delete a piece of furniture, click it's red X icon.

To use the measuring tool, click on the tool located at the top-middle of the window (it looks like a ruler). Click once at the beginning point of what you want to measure. Click again at the end point. The distance will appear on the screen.

For more detailed instructions, launch the room planner and click on the "help" button at the top of the Room Planner window.