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Being a Colorado business leader for the past few decades, I know the great pride that Coloradans have for the state, our people, and the way of life so treasured in our state. With this pride comes the knowledge that care of all is a necessity to maintaining our image and lifestyle so envied by others.

There are numerous charities, non-profits, and care organizations that lay claim to Colorado as their home. However, hard work and dedication are never enough- it takes the support of the entire community: from large businesses to individual donors to keep these organizations afloat. The organizations listed below are some of those organizations that American Furniture Warehouse has contributed to over the past year in recognition of their outstanding service to the Colorado community.

Our community is nothing without the organizations listed. It is their tremendous and unending work that they do to better our communities that makes our state as illustrious as it is. It is extremely important for corporations and individuals alike in Colorado to recognize the importance of every charitable organization in Colorado and to give of themselves accordingly.

I encourage Colorado citizens and businesses to give of themselves generously in 2009. Every dollar donated to any of the charitable organizations goes to better Colorado in all of its missions to provide its people with avenues of support for individual improvement, to provide a community that thrives and flourishes, and to give every Coloradoan a chance to live the life he or she dreams of in this great and beautiful state.


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