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5 Percent You may purchase gift cards at a 5% discount and receive the cards directly for you to send to your client or for personal use. No Additional Benefits

10 Percent You may purchase gift cards at a 10% discount and we will send the cards to your client along with offering other benefits to them.

  • Email with exclusive promotions. (Op-out option available)
  • Information how to follow us on Facebook.
  • Information on our AFW Room Planner and how it can help them with their move.
  • Information on our Gift Registry.
  • Information on out-of-state deliveries for family and friends to take advantage AFW's great deals!
  • We will send a personalized letter from you and from the owner of American Furniture Warehouse congratulating them on the purchase (or sale) of their house.

Comments or questions can be included in your order.
You may also call 720-873-8640 for any questions. Calls returned Monday - Friday.
Everything in red must be filled in for both levels. Everything in blue must be added for 10% level.

Information for 5% and 10% Discount Levels Recipients Info
Realtor Name Name
NRDS # Gift Card Amount Street
Agency City
Realtor Mailing Address
Street Name
City Gift Card Amount Street
Zip City
Phone # Zip
Email Email
Credit Card Billing Address
Name on Card Name
Street Gift Card Amount Street
City City
Zip Zip
Questions or Comments
House Purchase House Sale

Other Regulations: Gift cards may only be purchased once realtor status is verified. AFW reserves the right to refuse gift card purchase on any transaction it deems dishonorable. AFW reserves the right to discontinue program at any time without prior notice. Should this happen, gift cards already purchased will still be valid and honored by AFW.